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I can't find the page to post any questions we have about an assignment. I have a question on Assignment 3.
Pete, when I clicked on the link to post that I had done Assignment 1, a message came up saying I didn't have permission to post on that page. I've obviously been approved since I can send you this message, so perhaps check that link and let me know how/where I can post. Thanks. Dawn Gerali
Blogging away!
TIna Croue
While trying to choose a Logo it suggested that I would be selling a product. Do I just choose one that I like and assume my Blog is the product I'm selling or did I do something wrong and choose the wrong thing?
It's All Good

I'm excited to get started but extremely nervous at the same time. Seems too good to be true, but I'm gonna give it an honest try.

Think I've already screwed up by putting my name and not my domain.
Hi I wanted to let you know the link to subscription you posted was actually a login to your wordpress. It could get you hacked!
When we post a question on the Questions page for help does someone get back to us with answers or are we just supposed to wait for help from someone else taking the course? I need help with the day 2 assignment but haven't received an answer yet.
TIna Croue
Well you are ahead of me I cant even find the questions page! lol
Hi! I loved reading your post on minimalism you posted for the second day's challenge and would follow your blog and social media's but I wasn't sure how to, or if you had them set up yet! You can email me at if that is easiest for you! Keep up the great writing!
Thank you for viewing my 10K Challenge Post. Would you be willing to check
and see if you are able to comment. Someone else said they were not, but whne I go on web site I have no problem. Just have to scroll down a bit.
Help! I do not have assignment from day 1 in my email. I asked here earlier & was told I would have received an email this am. I checked my trash & spam just in case too. I am already behind! Thank You for any help.
I have set up my domain as When do we start to the process of starting that writing?
A new blogger. Have been living in Alaska for 48 years. Would love to share all the beauty that this place has.
TIna Croue
Im excited to follow you but not sure how to go about it yet
Hi!! I'm Sharita, wife to my very own super hero and Soldier and mother of 3 awesome kids! My blog is all about managing the chaos of motherhood, marriage and journey to get back in shape and healthy! Not only am I working on a healthy body but also a healthy spirit, and mental health.
Hello Everyone, I am excited to get started and have some fun with Mature and state of the art conversations that matter in today's world. I am up for the 10k traffic challenge where good conversation rules the nation.