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Hello! My blog is livingwithkaitlyn.com
It's a lifestyle blog where I share everyday life and things I love. I am passionate about all things health/fitness, fashion, and beauty. I hope to use my space to inspire other women to follow their dreams and be confident in their style and who they are.
Hi Jennifer,

I tried subscribing to your blog but the links were not working for me. It might just be me, but I thought I would let you know. Have a good day.

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@Michelle S thanks for letting me know.

There was a problem with my site, I fixed it.
Otherwise, what kind of email was it.
I know, I can't subscribe to some blogs using hotmail.
Happy Monday fellow bloggers to be! I have always loved to travel and use to love going off the beaten track to get a sense of the people, the place and their stories. So, I plan to travel the globe to others transformation stories. In order to be able to monetize my blog I'm taking the Free 5 Day Travel Blog course that you offer. Am I on the right track?