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  1. Pete Reese

    10k Challenge - How It Works - PLEASE READ

    Welcome to the May 2020 10k Traffic Challenge Here's how it works: You will have a new lesson and task to work on each day. The lesson for the day will share tips and techniques that the most successful bloggers use to drive traffic (visitors) to their blogs. Each day there is a...
  2. Pete Reese

    Request Access to the private forum

    Hi! Please REQUEST ACCESS ON THIS FORM to be added to the private forum. If we need additional information, we will send you a message.
  3. Pete Reese

    Request Access to the Private Forum in this thread - Paid Students Only

    Hi! Please comment below if you are a paid student of SEO Blogger Bootcamp. Include the name you used to sign up for the Bootcamp in Kajabi. As soon as we verify your purchase, we will grant you access to the private forum. We will like your comment as soon as you are granted access and then...
  4. Pete Reese

    How are you making money with your blog?

    Ok, I'll kick things off! Let me know what your strategy is for making money with your blog. Are you doing sponsored posts? Affiliate marketing? Are you offering a digital product?