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    Constant contact-emails

    No you don't need to have emails. I always set up a signup form to start collecting emails first. The emails don't go out until you tell them to. You have to set all the emails up first then they'll be automated.
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    Brand Partnerships

    There are several influencer websites you can join and find influencers like I make custom party supplies (birthday parties and seasonal holidays) and would love to partner up with you and do a trade...Party supplies/printables for a review/blog post, social media posts...
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    Social Media Scheduling Plan

    Constant Contact has a Marketing Calendar that keeps up with what you post & when you post it. It also allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and post them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. I use Tailwind to schedule posts on...
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    10K Challenge Assignment Thread - Day 5 - Monday 5/18/2020

    I have two already, one is: Get my Free Ultimate Party Planner: and in my footer I offer a 10% discount on purchases. I love your list because it gives me more ideas to test out on different parts of my site. Thank you
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    Ready to dive deeper into traffic strategies?

    Yes, I'm very interested.
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    10K Challenge Assignment Thread - Day 2 - Friday 5/15/2020

    Check out this "showstopping" Minnie Mouse birthday party that was featured on Catch My Party. There are so many unique ideas, party tips, and links showing you where you can get these cute party supplies.